Director of Marketing and Communications

Julie Stolzer

Julie has been working with TIES since 2007 and provides marketing and research support on a variety of projects and programs including contributing to; development of the STEM School Design Best Practices Business Plan for The Carnegie Corporation of New York; The Decatur County Schools STEM initiative; MIT / Fab Lab Foundation market potential assessment research and the Fab Lab/ Maker Movement alliance oversight. She also frequently serves as a liaison between the corporate, academic and philanthropic organizations involved in TIES directed STEM engagements in an effort to translate processes and protocols among a diverse group of collaborators.

Additionally Julie served as Director or Marketing and Communications for MC2STEM Hub (The Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium for Science Technology Engineering and Math) of which TIES was the lead STEM consultant from the launch in the spring of 2008. In that capacity Julie managed all creative development of logo, marketing materials, advertising, websites, newsletters and major press events of the Hub and the first two STEM schools to open in Cleveland in 2009.

Julie began her career 25+ years ago in marketing and advertising with the global marketing conglomerate Interpublic Group in their NY office providing strategic planning and account management services to Fortune 100 clients. Her work encompassed both well-known consumer product brands and business services (Continental Airlines, Panasonic, Marriott Hotels Renaissance brand, Applebees, Kelley Services among others) across a broad cross section of geographic and demographic markets. Julie has also served client side as an in house director of marketing with a consumer packaged goods concern and for a global professional services law firm.

In her professional experience she observed a corporate trend toward an increased focus on corporate philanthropy and frustration among the business-side clients with a seeming lack of connection to overall corporate goals. Over time her work became more focused on “Strategic Philanthropy" and she began to assist companies with developing strategic plans for their social investments that more closely followed the traditional path of marketing and corporate strategic planning. This work has been the bridge to her work with TIES.

Julie graduated from the University of Bridgeport, CT with a BS degree in Marketing and Psychology.