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Seeking an Entry-Level STEM School Consultant Passionate about Advancing STEM Education

Posted November 16, 2016

TIES is a leading innovator in STEM education bringing school design, and STEM curriculum and instructional support to schools and districts. TIES design teams work to create and build the finest STEM schools throughout the country. TIES recognizes the importance of school design and STEM professional development for all teachers as the basis to improve and advance the character of science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching for all students. TIES understands the need to shift the teaching of STEM education to focus less on fragmented and isolated bits of discrete information and more on scientific understanding and reasoning. STEM education is based on scientific and engineering practices and offers students the ability to use inquiry to address real-world issues that affect their family, their community and their world.

The TIES team of consultants and partnering organizations consists of the most successful STEM leaders in our nation, skilled at the art of facilitating dynamic organizational change, developing robust, locally relevant STEM schools of excellence, and catalyzing vital partnerships within communities to ensure sustainable STEM communities of practice.


At a time of great need to advance STEM in schools, districts, and programs, TIES seeks interested parties to supplement our current team of professionals. TIES is looking for individuals or organizations first and foremost with a passion for advancing STEM education and STEM literacy for ALL students.

Successful candidates will have a successful track record supporting, delivering or implementing a variety of STEM programs, including professional development (PD) for teachers and school leaders, project/problem based Learning (PBL), and blended learning, and must exhibit a high level of enthusiasm for the work and innovation in thinking around education. Candidates must also exhibit flexibility and willingness to learn the TIES design process and approach.

Our need is diverse and includes a variety of support activities for our directors to lead teachers and administrators at our Summer STEM Institutes as well as on-going support to STEM programs, schools, districts, and networks. Candidates should be comfortable facilitating a variety of sessions with stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, district leaders, business and industry, government entities, funders and representatives from the communities they serve.

Expected activities for position may include:

  • Supporting the design of STEM Schools/Districts/Networks
    • Implementing and Analyzing readiness assessments
    • Facilitating design sessions/meetings and complex collaborations
    • Recommending STEM programming and supporting adoptions
  • Supporting Advocacy Efforts in the Advancement of STEM
    • Conduct research on emerging policy trends that impact STEM initiatives
  • Professional Development:
    • Collaborate in the design and delivery of project-based learning professional development workshops
    • Collaborate in the design and delivery of STEM driven, site specific professional development
    • Provide outstanding group and individualized professional development based on inquiry and problem-based methodologies
    • Support teachers in integrating content across disciplines
    • Utilize a repertoire of coaching strategies for adult learning including real-time, side-by-side classroom coaching, co-planning, analysis of student work, and classroom observation and feedback to improve teaching practices
    • Provide real-time classroom coaching and high quality feedback to classroom teachers in STEM subject areas
    • Support school leaders in building school-based capacity to sustain key structural and instructional changes when implementing project-based work

We are a “virtual company” with a small headquarters staff in Cleveland, OH and our STEM consultants working at satellite work locations in:

  • Columbus, OH
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Pittsburgh, PA

Although telecommuting is an option, we also are seeking candidates willing to reside in the Cleveland or Baltimore area. Our work engagements are located throughout the United States and internationally; therefore this position will require travel of up to 70% of the time.

Position and pay will be commensurate with experience.

TIES is seeking interest and will assess position availability and offers based on candidate pool.
Interested parties should submit information through the TIES Online Application.

We regret that due to the volume of applications we receive we can only contact qualified candidates

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