Amanda Bibbo

Operations Executive Assistant

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Amanda has been with TIES since 2013. She started off as a Project Assistant where she supported the President and all consultants by coordinating projects, travel, meetings and events. She then moved to the Fab Team. There, she helped to educate and expand the Fab Network nationally and internationally. Amanda was intrigued by the business aspect of the growing company. She wanted to gain more knowledge on the day to day operations. Currently, Amanda is the Operations Executive Assistant.

“watching and hearing stories about high schoolers that couldn’t quite “cut it” in a traditional classroom, then when they came to a STEM school, they excelled. This is due to the implementations of fab labs, design challenges, and team work.

Prior to TIES, Amanda was employed by the Lorain County (Ohio) School District as a Middle School science and social studies teacher. She tailored lessons to meet student’s various needs, goals, interests, and learning outcomes. Amanda holds a B.S. in Middle School Education from Kent State University. Her specialty is to teach multi-disciplinary, hands-on project based lessons to engage students on numerous of levels. She currently resides in Mentor, Ohio, with her husband and their 2 children.

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