Barb Skarzynski

Digital Fabrication Consultant

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Barbra Skarzynski, Program Coordinator for Digital Fabrication Labs, TIES, provides vital support to the TIES Fab team including contributions to the professional development framework workshops, organizing Fab Lab Learning Tours, supporting Design Studios, installing labs and supporting Fab related event planning.   It is Barb’s honor to be part of the Polk County, Florida transformation into the world of digital fabrication education. Over the past few years TIES has supported the installation of multiple lower school, middle school and administrative office labs, along with facilitating professional development throughout targeted schools in Polk County,

“I love working at TIES for many reasons and having it boil down to only one thing would seem trite to me.

Prior to 2011, Barb served as TIES Director of Technology and Project Support that work contributions to Race to the Top, Learn and Earn, multiple state STEM networks and individual STEM school design.  TIES current portfolio of work exposes millions of students to a robust STEM education in over 500 schools located in 10+ states and internationally.  Her work focused on building networks through the capture and sharing of data used to replicate and scale program successes with new states and programs as they were added to the TIES portfolio.

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • When not working for TIES, Barb splits her time between her home in Baltimore, Maryland and her home in Ocean City, Maryland. She fills her days spending time with her six grandchildren, taking classes at the local DIY facilities and travelling. Barb received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and taught public school fifth grade in Baltimore County, Maryland.

What I Love About My Job

  • As Project Manager for Learn and Earn, she worked to connect community colleges with one another and businesses to develop an infrastructure that will facilitate accelerated, competency-based, pathways for students to earn a degree while earning a livable wage. In 2010, TIES, under Barb’s leadership, convened a team of national experts to create a vision for Learn and Earn in states with existing STEM networks.  The resulting Learn and Earn Design Challenge was launched at STEMtech 2010.  States created Learn and Earn blueprints that support PK-20 students throughout their education and career progression.  Barb facilitated the ongoing work of this ambitious goal.

A Transforming Moment

  • I love working at TIES for many reasons and having it boil down to only one thing would seem trite to me.