Dr. Sarah Koebley

Manager of National Communities of Practice and STEM Learning Ecosystems

Sarah Koebley hails from sunny north Florida where she was raised by an engineer father and nurse practitioner mother. Her large family spent most of its time outside and in or near water; Sarah is convinced that this is the formula that resulted in a love of mathematics, science and all things STEM.

A mathematics undergraduate major led her first to work in designing corporate computer training courses. A masters in Educational Foundations and an eventual doctorate in Curriculum/Instruction supported her statewide Ohio work in school districts and universities with teachers and administrators focused on inquiry-based mathematics and science instruction. She recently expanded this focus globally in her work as the Mathematics Lead for the Department of Defense schools (DODEA) and in consulting with NASA Education Centers as an Evaluation Specialist.

“I currently work as a STEM Consultant and Technical Assistance Lead for TIES in their international STEM Learning Ecosystem initiative.

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • My 3 children who all live below the Mason-Dixon Line. Go figure. Also: yoga, hiking, biking, travel with friends and family.

What I Love About My Job

  • The people on this team who are FAB to work with (great thinkers and listeners, believers in this process and in the gifts each of us bring to it – so rare!
  • The work itself which is transformative, both for me as a learner and for the communities whom we engage

A Transforming Moment

  • One of the communities I support has a new community lead with no STEM background. She entered into a group that had already made great strides leading and engaging mainly with the K-12 and higher education communities in STEM and STEM Education. While there was some initial skepticism and criticism about the pace and number of “boxes checked” (goals accomplished), the year ended with a large, new group of stakeholders which the new lead had been cultivating among the business/industry sector. As a result of the original group trusting the process, the new lead asking for and listening to coaching advice, and all of them persisting through challenges, they are a robust group which is attracting new stakeholders and funding while focusing on aligning in- and out-of-school STEM opportunities.