Tiffany Brunetti Monroe

Chief of Operations

Tiffany Brunetti Monroe


As a TIES partner and Chief Operations Officer, Tiffany focuses on supporting the organization’s growth while enabling the team to have the greatest impact on developing the next-generation workforce. She has served as a key member of management teams for projects valued up to $500M for a variety of clients, including foundations, businesses, and the government. She also contributes to initiatives ranging from in-depth R&D and engineering to the development of processes and procedures to streamline operations. During her 15-year career at Battelle Memorial Institute, Tiffany valued the need for diverse thinking on project teams. This need led to a passion for making all students aware of their abilities and opportunities in STEM fields in order to increase the pipeline of students going into technical and innovative careers. Tiffany joined TIES in 2013 to bring together both her desire to reach all students, especially women and minorities, and to use her project management and operational skills to build a thriving business. During this time, TIES has seen an almost 200% increase in sales and has increased the capacity of its virtual team with consultants all over the world. Tiffany also led the development of internal procedures and protocols to assure compliance for government contracts and compliance with DCAA regulations. Tiffany enjoys bringing her various experiences to the TIES team, including management of a variety of R&D projects, sustainable development consulting, innovation measurement, venture management, and the development of corporate-wide policies and procedures for program management and support.

“I love working at TIES because our team sees the need to provide opportunities for inquiry-based education to all students so they can see their opportunities in the world.

As the COO of TIES, Tiffany manages an operations team to enable all back-office activities, including proposal management, contracting, pricing/budgeting, human resource management, project management and delivery, and codification of tools and processes. Tiffany looks forward to supporting the TIES team to advance the quality and reach of STEM education in the U.S. and around the world.

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • I spend time with my family including my husband, Tom, three kids, and little dog. When we have free time, we enjoy digital making and have created a home DIY space consisting of digital design software, a digital embroidery machine, vinyl cutters/engravers, and a commercial heat press. I hope to add to my collection by slowly creating a home digital fabrication lab. In addition, I am a certified AllerCoach, assisting families who have multiple and severe food allergies.

What I Love About My Job

  • I love working at TIES because our team sees the need to provide opportunities for inquiry-based education to all students so they can see their opportunities in the world. We have a passionate team built on similar core values. We also leverage a lot of virtual tools and have learned to work across the globe. As such, we have seen each other over Skype at all hours of the day and night, so we aren’t fussed with standard business meetings or formalities. This team is focused on doing whatever it takes to make a difference in education.

A Transforming Moment

  • I worked to manage the U.S. team to establish STEM schools and programs in Egypt. It was inspiring to see girls succeed and think differently about their education and to begin to envision themselves as not only engineers and scientists, but as Nobel prize winners and global leaders.