STEM Network Design

The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM has experience in starting up of a broad portfolio of network types designed to support advances in education transformation.

STEM School Design

In order to meet a growing demand and to prepare students for the unique challenges of an increasingly global, knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy, we must create a new school design that places math and science more squarely at the center of the educational enterprise.

Fab Labs

Imagine to Make for an Innovating and Dynamic Workforce: TIES, together with the Fab Foundation is responding to the growing needs of education institutions across the world for innovative and engaging learning spaces.


Seeking OH In-Residence Fab Lab Manager

Euclid Early Learning Village Searches for In-Residence Digital Fabrication Lab Manager

TIES is a leading innovator in STEM education – bringing school design, STEM curriculum and instructional support to schools and districts. Our design teams work to create and build the finest STEM schools throughout…

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About us

TIES Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM is the country's foremost innovator in bringing STEM to students of all ages throughout the USA and globally. TIES focuses on STEM School design, STEM curriculum, and instructional support to schools, informal STEM institutions and program. As our country’s leading STEM innovator, TIES brings STEM design services to districts, states, private philanthropy, corporations, the federal agencies and much more.

TIES design teams work to create and build the finest STEM schools throughout the country. TIES recognizes the importance of school design and STEM professional development for all teachers as the basis to improve and advance the character of science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching for students regardless of grade level. TIES understands the need to shift the teaching of STEM education to focus less on fragmented and isolated bits of discrete information and more on scientific understanding and reasoning. STEM education is trans-disciplinary in nature offering students the ability to use project-based learning to address real-world issues that affect their family, their community and their world. TIES works with regional and state economic development organizations to fuel STEM education curriculum and instructional program development for the benefit of all.

Our students are digital natives and TIES works to ensure that the Technology and Engineering in STEM drive the relevance of the Science and Mathematics. TIES has championed the design and implementation of digital fabrication labs, Fab Labs, throughout schools, community colleges and informal STEM sites for more than a decade. This has redefined the STEM lab for the decades to come.

Finally, the TIES team consists of the most successful STEM school principals in our nation, business leaders who have worked hard to design and implement STEM pipelines in their own economic cluster, and engineers and scientists who have turned their focus from their own research to the problems that face our nation's youngsters. Together, TIES leads STEM education design and innovation for our nation and the world.

Our mission

Our nation's children need opportunities to continue their education through the formal education system and into the workplace. Our 21st century children find the need to earn a living wage while they complete one credential after another in a quest to better themselves and their family's future. A Learn and Earn strategy needs to be embraced by all states and then, promoted through funding provided by federal agencies, private philanthropy and the corporate philanthropic community as well. Our children and country deserve nothing less.

~ Janice Morrison, CEO of TIES

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