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Who We Are

What started as a vision of a 35-year veteran teacher and principal, has now developed into a global organization that brings together partners in a wide range of fields and industries to reimagine STEM.

Our founder, Jan Morrison, understood that education can only progress by integrating the engineering design process to create, test and develop STEM. It is her vision and passion for providing access to all learners that is at the core of TIES.

TIES is a 100 percent woman-owned business that is deeply committed to equity in STEM.

“It matters that kids know how to learn. They need to understand how to solve problems. Teachers won’t always be there for a child.

Our Work Is About Transforming Education for All Learners

Every project we work on has an eye toward ensuring that all young people complete their secondary and postsecondary education “STEM-ready,” and that a broad and deep range of students will choose STEM careers — powering the 21st century economy. This vision is intentionally inclusive of all students and reflects the inequity of access to learning.

When designing STEM learning, we focus not only on the issue of student academic preparation to pursue STEM careers, but also interest levels in pursuing these careers, which remains unacceptably low today, especially for underrepresented student populations.

TIES defines success not on whether students choose to pursue post-secondary STEM opportunities, but that they have been provided high-value, relevant education that allows them to graduate with the skills and knowledge to make informed choices.

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Celebrating The Past 20 ... Creating A New Picture For The Next 20

The name may have changed over the years, but what has not is our core mission to TIE partners

who are committed to providing access to high-value education for all learners.