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STEM on the Go Van

STEM-on-the-Go Experience

Mobile Digital Fabrication/Machining Van
In partnership with RTI and the Defense STEM Education Consortium, TIES operates the STEM-on-the-GO Mobile Digital Fabrication/Machining Van.

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Uncovering STEM Needs and Hopes –

Planning for New STEM Ecosystems in Ohio
TIES, the operator of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, is partnering with the Ohio Department of Education and others, including the New Growth Group, to build stronger understandings of STEM needs in the state.

STEM Learning Ecosystems℠

The U.S. Government, in the December 2018 STEM Strategic Plan, supports our thinking that STEM ecosystems are pathways for improving STEM literacy, ensuring a strong workforce and global competitiveness for all. They are an important means to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in a thriving STEM workforce. TIES  supports new and existing STEM Learning Ecosystems with planning, design, implementation, training and sustainability strategies.

TIES is the co-designer and now the backbone organization of this 111+-community precedent-setting initiative that is resulting in positive gains for individuals and entire communities.

STEM Design

We engage cross-sector partners (schools, out-of-school programs, corporations, post-secondary institutions and community organizations) to reimagine pK through 20 education and design innovative STEM learning models. We design STEM schools, support district and network strategic planning, connect in- and out-of-school STEM learning and more.

We convene cross-sector partners to design bold learning solutions for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Digital Fabrication

TIES has been instrumental in bringing digital fabrication to formal and informal learning environments. As pioneers in the alignment of digital fabrication and education, we design models for creative learning spaces, curriculum integration and professional development to support all learners.

At TIES, we’re tinkerers and makers and pioneers in the alignment of digital fabrication and education. 

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What We Do

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    Inspire and educate teachers to meet their top STEM potential
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    Support and guide those who come to education with great hopes and find a trusting partner in TIES
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    Create expansive and imaginative digital fabrication and innovation labs
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    Design models aligning in- and out-of-school learning where children can imagine and explore

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