STEM Learning Ecosystems℠

The U.S. Government, in the December 2018 STEM Strategic Plan, supports our thinking that STEM ecosystems are pathways for improving STEM literacy, ensuring a strong workforce and global competitiveness for all. They are an important means to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in a thriving STEM workforce. TIES  supports new and existing STEM Learning Ecosystems with planning, design, implementation, training and sustainability strategies.

STEM Design

We engage cross-sector partners (schools, out-of-school programs, corporations, post-secondary institutions and community organizations) to reimagine pK through 20 education and design innovative STEM learning models. We design STEM schools, support district and network strategic planning, connect in- and out-of-school STEM learning and more.

Digital Fabrication

TIES has been instrumental in bringing digital fabrication to formal and informal learning environments. As pioneers in the alignment of digital fabrication and education, we design models for creative learning spaces, curriculum integration and professional development to support all learners.

STEM Access For All Learners

TIES is dedicated to making STEM accessible to everyone, especially underserved and underrepresented learners. We do this by connecting stakeholders — educators, funders, community organizations, businesses and government agencies — who, through collaborative partnerships, create meaningful and gainful STEM learning experiences. Our experienced team of consultants provide strategic planning support and guides design, training and implementation across all of our services.

We Believe

  • A quality STEM education is the right of every child and learner in our country and is possible to the greatest heights with the proper tools and inspired leadership.
  • STEM is now a decade old and continues to evolve. It is demanding of vision, innovation and continued transformation of our existing system to one that supports the solving of the grandest of challenges.
  • From DaVinci to working to place humans on Mars, the engineering design process is the foundation for a great education that drives all learners to be innovative, iterative and to love STEM.
Valued Clients
STEM Schools

What We Do

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    Inspire and educate teachers to meet their top STEM potential
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    Support and guide those who come to education with great hopes and find a trusting partner in TIES
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    Create expansive and imaginative digital fabrication and innovation labs
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    Design models aligning in- and out-of-school learning where children can imagine and explore


STEM now encompasses science, technology, engineering and mathematics in schools and out-of-school, and is inextricably linked to workforce needs of communities as they determine their economic development future. It is demanding of robust competencies in design and computational thinking and literacies. A great STEM education of the early century has given way to one that is far more cross-cutting and vital to the U.S. and global markets.

Uniting Partners. Transforming Learning.

Our name, TIES (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM), speaks to our belief in partnering and connecting. We work across sectors to unite stakeholders and affect educational change throughout the world. While every project is customized, we adhere to the tenets of engineering design and support our clients through the phases of design, implementation and sustainable planning.

After 15 year in business it’s still about connecting the people and building the field

We partner with communities globally to create STEM Learning Ecosystems that provide the architecture for cross-sector learning. This offers all young people access to STEM-rich learning environments so they can develop important skills and engagement in science, technology, engineering and math.

We collaborate with the private sector, including corporate and private foundations, to optimize their vision for investments in STEM education, workforce pathways as well as systems change. In doing so we provide the blueprint for change and often assist with the execution.

We guide school districts, assisting them in realizing dreams for their students as they face a changing STEM landscape that includes jobs that are not currently envisioned. Through the use of the design process, TIES sets the pathways for action that support the building of great STEM schools.

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