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STEM Funders Network Adds Cities

The STEM Funders Network met recently to discuss the importance of funding STEM programs on a local level where the communities can be more invested in the outcome of the programs. This develops an ecosystem where communities fund the programs and the STEM students learn to solve problems in the community. Jan Morrison, president of […]

TIES Sponsors University Of Akron Biomimicry Program

  Biomimicry is an emerging field that seeks to find sustainable solutions to human problems by mimicking nature’s patterns. Just as Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral invented Velcro based on his initial observation of how burs stuck to his socks, a new initiative at The University of Akron trains PhDs in biomimicry. The University of Akron has teamed […]

STEM Programs Need Girls

Girls in Egypt excel in STEM programs El Maadi STEM School for girls south of Cairo, Egypt is leading the country in improving education opportunities for girls. These students are entering and winning STEM competitions proving that these innovative teaching methods help girls to excel in areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. These students […]