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The TIES + PHASTAR Partnership Lands Federal Grant


TIES, in partnership with the PHASTAR Corporation, received a grant from the Office of Naval Research in the amount of $750,000 to fund and provide program support for a Digital Fabrication Lab at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in the in the Cleveland Municipal School District. The project, titled A Partnership Between Maritime High School Students and Naval Reservists Designed Around Digital Fabrication”, provides students with the resources to produce authentic design prototypes in order to solve real-world design challenges.

This project is a Department of the Navy education, outreach and workforce project in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It involves five components that couple the Fab Lab to Davis A&M High School students and to Naval Reservists at the Naval Operational Support Center in Akron, Ohio. The components include:

  • Curriculum Development and Capstone Design Incorporating Fab Lab Learning Outcomes
  • Fab Faculty Teacher Professional Development Institutes
  • Naval student engagement programs including SeaCadets
  • On-the-job Fab Lab training opportunities for Naval Reservists
  • Naval Reservist mentoring partnership with the Davis A&M High School students

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