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Digital Fabrication Lab Steps Up During COVID-19 Pandemic.

In 2017, thanks to a grant from the Office of Naval Research, TIES worked with PHASTAR to design and install a Digital
Fabrication Lab for the Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then it has been in regular use for engineering and thematic training programs.
During COVID-19 school closures, the lab has been repurposed to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In coordination with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, PHASTAR Corporation has begun fabricating reusable splash face shields for healthcare workers and first responders who are facing a shortage of PPE amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3-D printers and laser cutter have been running 24/7 to create these shields.

On Tuesday, March 31st, PHASTAR delivered 64 splash face shields to the Cuyahoga County Emergency Management Agency as a first-run demo. Read more.
Congratulations to our partners at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School!
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