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Experts offer advice, assessments of best practices for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency relief (ESSER) III expenditures

A representative from the U.S. Department of Education, a superintendent of schools and a state STEM leader recently told school leaders that the unprecedented federal investment in education through ESSER III funds has resulted in true gains for students across the country.

Speaking during a November 2023 webinar hosted by the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice and TIES, the three panelists also offered advice for any school districts that still have remaining ESSER III dollars.

Learn How to Activate Your ESSER III Plan in Meaningful and Impactful Ways

Maximizing ESSER III Funding: Consulting Support from TIES

TIES supports districts to help make informed investment decisions that will yield the most impact for learners and entire communities. TIES ESSER III consulting efforts are tailored to specific needs, but may include the following: 

  1. Planning and implementation of in- or out-of-school learning initiatives, including summer programs. 
  2. Aligning to regional workforce needs and securing engagement with business and industry and other critical partners.
  3. Equipping educators and schools with resources for accelerating and strengthening learning, including making smart decisions about classroom and lab equipment.
  4. Designing plans for how to sustain work or initiatives launched with ESSER funding. 

TIES’ work is customized to your unique needs, plans and aspirations.

Although the ESSER III spending deadlines are looming, TIES is prepared to partner with your district to support your ESSER III decisions. 

To learn more and to discuss how TIES can partner with your school district, please complete the brief form below please or email us at