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Heather Landskroner

Digital Fabrication Consultant

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Heather Landskroner comes to TIES as a new addition in 2017 as Brady Middle Schools Fab Lab, Assistant Manager.  She is a graduate of the University of Toledo and obtained her Masters degree in Student Affairs Higher Education Counseling at Wright State University.  After college, Heather started a family, while at the same taking on free-lance work as a design animator for American Greetings and as an independent web and graphic designer.  She planted her roots in Moreland Hills, Ohio 20 years ago, with her husband, three daughters and son who all have been/are students in the Orange School systems.

“I can’t wait to get to work everyday to help Brady Middle School students, teachers and our community to support their unscripted journey at Brady Fab Lab.

As a vested resident and parent in the Orange community, Heather served 11 years as a board member of the Orange Community Athletic Association and as an active Orange PTA member. She has worked with teachers, students and parents in various environments, and wants the best possible positive and engaging opportunities for children, teachers and the community.  Her experience working in the classrooms during her children’s educational process has allowed her to appreciate the opportunity that STEM provides for children, including her own kids, who are inventors, math-elates, GEMS president and just fun loving curious kids!

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • Outside of spending time with her family and friends, Heather enjoys hobbies as a woodworking enthusiast, sewing novice and avid reader.

    A flashback about myself, is that I grew up the oldest of 9 siblings with a Calculus teacher/IT  father and creative 1st grade teacher mother, where we lived as everyday “fabbers” – encouraging us that trial and error was a welcome process.  Our home was an like an old-school Fab lab, where my fascination with old C++ coding to make math space invader type games blossomed from 6th grade and beyond.

What I Love About My Job

  • I consider myself a creative, innovative, hands-on, problem solving person, which I believe embodies Fab Labs unscripted journey where students imagine, create, chart and build their own projects. Simply put FabLab, its goals and process excite me. I can’t wait to get to work everyday to help Brady Middle School students, teachers and our community to support their unscripted journey at Brady.

A Transforming Moment

  • I have seen FabLab’s results from a parent’s perspective with my daughter at Brady, who loved the experience and came home with a sense of accomplishment and sparked dialogue about her creative process. Now as Brady Fab Lab’s Assistant Manager, I see that process every day as students embark on their creative journey. It is magical.