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Jenny Frank

Director of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, SLECoP

Jenny Frank Photo

Jenny Frank, Director of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice (SLECoP) at TIES, has over 20 years of experience in both formal and informal education settings. She began her career as a secondary science teacher in Buffalo, New York, making student-led, inquiry-based learning accessible to all learners. During her tenure, she developed a passion for science and STEM curriculum that engaged students as leaders of their own learning and bridged career and workforce readiness as part of their educational journey. 

As building principal and director of curriculum and instruction, Jenny worked with a variety of partners in and outside the school community to deliver quality and innovative educational programming in high need, rural districts. She built systems that prioritized learners’ individual needs and fostered cultures of belonging where everyone felt valued and included. Jenny has also served as an educational consultant, providing technical assistance and support to building- and district-level administrators across multiple school districts in the planning, implementation and evaluation of educational programs funded by local, state, and federal grants. 

Most recently, Jenny has been working in the edTech sector with Harvard University’s LabXchange, an innovative virtual learning platform revolutionizing STEM education by providing global collaboration opportunities and cutting-edge resources for educators and learners. Through this work, Jenny has partnered with educators and STEM Learning Ecosystems around the world championing innovative programs that encourage everyone to find their place in STEM, while fostering inclusivity and access for all.

Thrilled to join the TIES team and SLECoP in this new era of innovation, Jenny eagerly anticipates harnessing the extensive global network and innovative approach of STEM Learning Ecosystems to foster cross-sector collaboration and propel impactful STEM education initiatives forward.