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Ohio Rolls Out AI Toolkit for Educators

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TIES Senior Director of Learning Systems Christa Krohn and aiEDU CEO Alex Kotran celebrate the release of Ohio’s new AI Toolkit


TIES and aiEDU author Ohio’s AI toolkit

Columbus, Ohio – [February 16, 2024] –  TIES was thrilled to be a part of the team that authored Ohio’s new AI Toolkit, providing guidance and resources for educators, policymakers, parents and others preparing learners for success in a rapidly advancing technological society.. 

TIES joined aiEDU and others to create this groundbreaking tool.

Alex Kotran, CEO of aiEDU, noted that Ohio had been having conversations surrounding the use of AI long before the release of ChatGPT took the world by storm and, through the release of the new AI toolkit,  it again has the opportunity to be a national leader. 

Kotran said the toolkit seeks to be accessible to the broadest audience possible, while honing in on specific resources for different users.

The AI Toolkit provides guidance on “a sound, transparent and practical method for translating high-level aspirational goals into actionable AI-focused policies and  guidance on the resources available to stakeholders.”

Tony Thomas, superintendent at Northmont City Schools where the toolkit was first announced in mid-February, noted that it provides a “new approach to education” while Ohio Lt. Gov.  Jon Husted noted that artificial intelligence, when used for good, can act as a collaborator and improve lives. 

Kotran said the toolkit is the beginning of a pathway and part of the evolution for what comes next in AI in the learning journey. But with the quickly evolving landscape, Kotran said the guidance in the toolkit is a roadmap for the next 12 to 24 months. 

TIES Founder and CEO Jan Morrison thanks colleagues at aiEDU for the collaboration on the project and said she looks forward to other breakthroughs  that can create new opportunities for engaging students in STEM learning.

“As AI continues to shape all aspects of society, from business and industry to education and healthcare, we know that the future workforce we are preparing today will need to be adaptable lifelong learners who can work with intelligent machines to drive innovation,” Morrison said. “This toolkit helps empower educators to bring those capabilities into the classroom today.”

aiEDU and TIES are established partners in facilitating professional development opportunities for STEM educators across the country and continue to work together to embrace AI and harness its power for good. The toolkit is available here.


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