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STEM ON THE GO VAN Illustration

Mobile Digital Fabrication/Machining Van

In partnership with RTI and the Defense STEM Education Consortium, TIES operates the STEM-on-the-GO Mobile Digital Fabrication/Machining Van. The van is available for schools to provide hands on STEM experiences for students. During the van’s visit to a school, the students will be engaged in solving real-world STEM challenges using the Engineering Design Process while learning how to use design software and the digital fabrication and machining equipment in the van. Pre-designed STEM experiences are grade-level appropriate, customized for students in grades K-12, and facilited by the STEM-on-the-Go Mobile Fabrication Lab Manager who is a Marine Corps veteran with a B.A. in Middle School Education from the University of North Carolina.

Costs associated with bringing these programs to a school district or to an informal learning environment will depend on the length of the engagement, choice of project/activities and travel expenses incurred. For more information, please contact Toby Bothel, TIES Director of Engineering, Design and Digital Fabrication at or by phone at 301-448-2803.

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