Survey: Covid-19 Crisis Leads To Dramatic Rise in Demand for Engineering Studies

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The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has significantly increased the appeal of engineering studies, a survey of 300 young people aged 20-25, initiated by Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv has found.

The survey, conducted to coincide with the July 20, 2020 Afeka Conference for the Development of a National Human Capital Strategy in Engineering, presented by The Israel-American Changer of Commerce, found that the coronavirus crisis led to a 50% increase in the willingness to study engineering compared to the period before the crisis.

“This is likely due to the occupational stability that the profession provides, the low volatility in relation to other branches of the economy and the level of pay that remains high even in times of crisis.” – Afeka said in a statement

TIES Founder and Senior Partner Jan Morrison will chair a panel of leading experts at 17:30 that will discuss the K-12 perspective – linking the educational continuum in engineering studies. Morrison served as the White House advisor for education and scientific excellence in four different administrations and served as a senior advisor for education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Panel participants include:

  • Mohana Fares, Head of Nation-wide Programs, Israeli Ministry of Education 
  • Stacy Klein-Gardner, ASEE K12 Founder and Chair, Vanderbilt University,     
  • Harpeth Hall School for Girls 
  • Dr. Maya Lugassi-Ben Hamo, Senior Executive of Pedagogy and Professional     Development,
  • Beit Yatziv  Prof. Richard Keith Miller, Founding President, Olin College of Engineering

The conference is being held online. Register Here.

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