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More Than 60 People Participate in Brooks Crossing STEM Outreach Design Studio.

On January 9th, the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center at Old Dominion University sponsored a second Design Studio for the Brooks Crossing STEM Outreach Center to develop programming for the Lab. This space, located at 550 30th Street in Newport News, will provide STEM learning opportunities for all ages, while connecting both students and adults to careers in Digital Shipbuilding. The event was hosted by the Discovery STEM Academy in Newport News and facilitated by TIES Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM. Sixty people were in attendance, including students and educators from Newport News Public Schools, educators from Hampton Public Schools, industry representatives from Fairlead Industry, Ferguson, and Huntington Ingalls/Newport News Shipyard, representatives from the City of Newport News, Greater Peninsula Workforce Board, United Way, YMCA, Bridging The Gap Youth Program, Thomas Nelson Community College, Howell Creative Group, and Newport News Regional Housing Authority.

Learn more at https://digitalshipbuildingcareers.org/brooks-crossing-stem-outreach-design-studio/

For information on the Digital Shipbuilding Program or the Brooks Crossing STEM Outreach Center…please contact Joseph Kosteczko at [email protected].
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