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TIES Selected by DoD To Strengthen National K-16 STEM Education and Outreach.

The $75M Department of Defense initiative will fund more than a dozen organizations.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently-launched the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC), which will strengthen kindergarten through college STEM education and outreach programs across the United States.

The DSEC initially includes 15 organizations – including TIES – led on behalf of the DoD STEM office by RTI International under the direction of Dr. Angela Quick, DSEC consortium chair and director of RTI’s Center for Education Services. The multi-year, $75 million effort includes elements focused on STEM enrichment programs for students and educators, STEM workforce engagement, program evaluation, and public outreach (viewStrategic Plan).

“The U.S. needs a diverse pipeline of highly qualified STEM talent to meet future workforce demands and remain a global leader in technological innovation. Providing students with a strong K-16 STEM education is the first step,” said Quick. “We are thrilled to work with this group of partners to increase STEM engagement and improve outcomes for students pursuing STEM careers.”

As a part of DSEC, TIES will expand partnerships between STEM Learning EcosystemsSM and DOD Labs and Installations, facilitate Design Studios, co-create a set of Design Principles for STEM programming and outreach, and develop career pathways for STEM Learning Ecosystems near DoD Labs.

Aligned to the DoD STEM strategic plan, DSEC will focus on five fundamentals: 1) longitudinal student engagement across the K-16 continuum, 2) outreach to students traditionally underrepresented in STEM professions, 3) military workforce engagement with a focus on DoD research laboratories, 4) use of the network’s collaboration structure to amplify the impact of each program, and 5) data-based improvement driven by evaluation.

The DSEC network includes the following organizations:

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