Timothy Francisco

STEM Consultant

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Timothy Francisco, PH.D is a professor in the English department at Youngstown State University (YSU), where he is also director of The Center for Working-Class Studies. At YSU, he has worked on the university’s community engagement and diversity equity and inclusion committees. He has helped develop and execute several grant-funded, multi-stakeholder community engagement projects, and has consulted on several grant-funded initiatives. He is currently Chairman of the Board of The Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, and serves on the advisory board of The Buckeye Flame, Ohio’s statewide non-profit LGBTQ+ media source. He has written scholarly and journalistic articles on journalism education, working-class issues, and Humanities education. A former, newspaper and magazine journalist, he hosts a weekly public affairs program on WYSUFM, a podcast on working-class politics, and has moderated and facilitated community conversations for a number of civic organizations on topics from refugee resettlement, to gun violence, to food insecurity.

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family.  I love exploring and trying new things, including visiting restaurants to try new food, visiting museums and taking long walks/hikes in new areas.

What I Love About My Job

  • We are making real, deep, transformational change in communities across the globe.  TIES meets communities where they are and works with them to achieve the goals relevant to their stakeholders.  TIES is flexible, listens well and leverages an entire organization’s diverse expertise in STEM, education, engineering, community organizing, etc. to empower leaders and create positive change.

A Transforming Moment

  • I have witnessed true “a-ha” moments for communities, including one community that was convinced that they were not able to engage with the business community in any meaningful way beyond a funder/grantee relationship.  The community would actively engage in dialogue that described all of the reasons why they were not able to engage funders in a discussion about STEM education and a talent pipeline.  In a meeting, with attendees present from many different sectors present, a business leader discussed their challenges in hiring talent and their need for an active talent pipeline with youth.  Such discussion, facilitated by TIES, created a whole new dialogue for a community with larger employers in their region!