USDA Grant Supports Design of Classroom Aquaponics Projects

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Students will use the aquaponics systems to address Managing the Nitrogen Cycle, a National Academy of Engineers Grand Engineering Challenge.

TIES is collaborating with STEM Learning EcosystemsSM in Tulsa, OK and Baltimore to develop aquaponics-based STEM learning for Tulsa and Baltimore City public schools. This is funded by a grant provided by USDA Professional Development for Secondary School Teachers and Education Professionals (PD-STEP).

“This program holds amazing promise for providing students with the types of hands-on learning in STEM that will allow them to acquire valuable skills and understand the important role that they play in solving some of the challenges of our world.”

Jan Morrison, TIES founder and managing partner

Aquaponics is a soilless, closed loop system of growing plants and fish in a symbiotic combination where the plants’ nutrients comes from fish waste.

The grant provides immersive learning experiences for K-16 teachers and educational professionals to create and replicate best practices to improve student success outcomes within the food, agricultural, natural resources and human sciences. With the funding, TIES and its partners will develop small-scale classroom aquaponics systems, curriculum and teacher professional development programs that aid students in creative problem solving, developing 21st century skills and demonstrating STEM competencies.

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