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Alyssa Briggs

President, TIES

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Alyssa, who holds a PHD in interdisciplinary studies, brings diverse skills to her leadership role at TIES. Coalition and relationship building, storytelling and problem-solving are among Alyssa’s top skills. She also brings a deep knowledge of workforce trends along with practical experience as a college professor, professional communicator and development expert. Alyssa helped lead the growth of the STEM Learning Ecosystems from a handful of Ecosystems to its current size of 110 communities throughout the globe. Alyssa served as the three-year director of the STEM Learning Ecosystems and continues to help guide its work. Additionally, she manages work with numerous multi-national companies seeking to improve their STEM footprint and deepen their relationships with communities. Alyssa began her professional career as an investigative reporter and has won some of the top awards in journalism. She served as a college professor and launched a journalism program at Youngstown State University. During her tenure at Youngstown State University, she co-developed a statewide university-media collaborative often used as an example for public-private partnerships. She has been instrumental in helping to secure millions of dollars in funding for initiatives both for the STEM Learning Ecosystems, TIES and Youngstown State University.

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What I Love About My Job

  • The work makes people and organizations better.

A Transforming Moment

  • The birth of MC2 High School in Cleveland is testament to the amazing work.