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Learning Beyond Testing: 

  • Give Students Resources for Internships and Careers
  • Gain Continuing Education Credit for Yourself 
  • Learn About Artificial Intelligence 

Join a Professional Development Institute to gain a deeper understanding of AI and learn about a valuable, FREE tool – IBM SkillsBuild, for your students. 

This exclusive initiative is tailored for selected high school educators and requires a 10-hour commitment – 2 hours in virtual sessions and 8 hours of self-guided work.

What you’ll get:

  • A personalized experience, alongside peers, to understand IBM SkillsBuild and its vast resources to prepare students for future careers. 
  • Continuing education, with the possibility of earning continuing education credit – at no cost.
  • Knowledge to navigate AI and AI ethics.
  • Access to a professional development community of other educators also interested in AI and how to best serve students.
  • A clear path for introducing AI (and other valuable skills) to your students.
  • White glove support to provide technical assistance in your learning journey and hands-on support for your students, if requested.


Complete this pre-registration, and we will be in touch soon with more details. 

The Professional Development program kicks off May 6, 2024. 


Deadline to apply is May 3rd 


May Professional Development Institute Timeline: 

  • Kick-off meeting May 6th from 4-5pm ET Learn more about IBM SkillsBuild and meet your professional learning community and technical assistance team. (This session will be recorded if you cannot attend.)
  • Office Hours: May 7th from 4-5pm ET and May 8th from 4-5pm ET (optional) Join open office hours to ask additional questions, troubleshoot and brainstorm IBM SkillsBuild use cases with students. 
  • May 9th from 4-5pm ET IBM SkillsBuild training session #2
  • Week of May 13th and beyond Put your learning to practice! Explore IBM SkillsBuild with your students and continue to learn. (If requested, TIES’ staffers can join your classes virtually to answer questions and to assist students with signing onto IBM SkillsBuild.)
  • Office Hours May 15th from 4-5pm ET and May 16th from 4-5pm ET (optional) Get needed support from TIES technical assistance team. 



Applicants must be ready to bring IBM SkillsBuild to a minimum of 50 students. Educators must complete 10 hours in order to be eligible for the free continuing education units (CEU). 

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