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Chris Carter

Digital Fabrication Consultant

Photo of Chris Carter

Chris began working for TIES as an intern in summer of 2013. His first experience in a Fab Lab was taking the Fab Lab Boot Camp at Lorain County Community College. Over the next year, Chris supported the install of several labs including Fab Lab Richmond in California, and Cleveland State University’s MC2STEM Fab Lab.

In the spring of 2014, Chris attended MITs “Fab Academy”, an online course designed to teach students to make almost anything. It was also during this time he accompanied and supported TIES and MC2 STEM in Washington D.C. at the Science and Engineering Festival where they taught families how to build plug-in headphones from scratch materials among other things. In the summer, he attended the Fab10 conference in Barcelona, Spain. It was an amazing time to meet and greet engineers, artists and tinkerers from around the world to share ideas and best practices.

“I am constantly reminded the future is now; They help bring the cutting edge of technology to the classroom.

From 2014 to mid 2015, Chris worked as manager of the CSU Fab Lab on weekends doing community outreach and extracurricular projects. It was also during this time he began working closely with MC2STEM as a substitute teacher. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Chris divided time between teaching in the Fab Lab and supporting installs across the country.

In 2017, Chris mainly helped install and train in Fab Labs. He has supported the development of new curriculum for teachers and students.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Arts (Technical Theatre) from Cleveland State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

More About Me

I Bet You Didn’t Know

  • When I’m not working, I like to tinker and use my vinyl cutter.

What I Love About My Job

  • I love working at TIES because: The experience is thoroughly enriching and rewarding; I have made friends all over the world; I’m constantly reminded the future is now; They help bring the cutting edge of technology to the classroom.

A Transforming Moment

  • My favorite TIES transformation story is Andrea Lane’s (Fields) because she is essentially the poster child of the firm and is very successful.