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Lauren Hoefling

STEM Consultant, Communications

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More About Me

Lauren is a seasoned communications consultant with nearly two years of dedicated service at TIES. She specializes in graphic design, e-marketing, and social media, playing a pivotal role in crafting the company’s online presence and brand messaging.

Prior to joining TIES, Lauren honed her marketing and communications skills during her tenure as a marketing intern at NeoSTEM, a proud member of the SLECoP. During her time at NeoSTEM, Lauren spearheaded several impactful initiatives, including the creation of a comprehensive STEMMap highlighting local STEM opportunities, collaborating with the Cleveland Cavaliers on the Score With STEM program, and designing a captivating poster series featuring local STEM luminaries known as “I AM STEM.”

Lauren is a distinguished alumna of Providence College, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Marketing and furthered her education with a master’s degree in Business Administration. At Providence College, she exhibited her commitment to social causes by co-founding Mental Health PC, a club dedicated to destigmatizing mental health issues and facilitating access to on-campus resources for her peers.

Having come of age in the dynamic digital era, Lauren possesses an innate passion for graphic design, social media, and their profound ability to foster connections among individuals. With her strong team spirit and dedication to her craft, Lauren is thrilled to be a part of the exceptional team at TIES, where she collaborates with fellow professionals to achieve collective objectives.