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Ebony Hood

STEM Consultant, NeoSTEM Ecosystem Director

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Ebony Hood, director of the NeoSTEM Ecosystem joins the team with 20+years of experience in grassroots community organizing. In her role, she will be working to improve meaningful STEM learning opportunities for all students in the Northeast Ohio region while also focusing on underrepresented youth and families. She graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Sustainability and serves on the Sustainability External Advisory Council. She also holds a Master’s in Education for Science Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University. As a student, she co-authored “Beyond an Acronym, STEM is…” Perceptions of STEM, recognizing the value of research findings to STEM professionals, educators, and policymakers. Ms. Hood is the co-founder of Syatt, a non-profit organization with more than a decade of programming and advocacy efforts that have been featured in USA Today addressing the nature gap of diversity in green spaces. You will likely find her enjoying the trails or cooking out with family in all seasons.